It’s here!!!

The Beat the Bead app is here in Australia!!

Please help support Beat the Microbead by purchasing the app from either the google play store or the Apple store.


What are the alternatives to microbeads?

There are many natural alternatives to microbeads, these are just a few that are found in various face scrubs; sand, walnut shell, ground almonds, salt, sugar, hemp seeds, jojoba beads, bamboo and oats. If you are still worried about buying scrubs that contain microbeads just check out the ingredients list for these items; as polyethylene/polyethene (PE), polypropylene/polypropene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). If you you want to be extra careful you can make your own face scrubs using sand, sugar or salt.

If you are living in the Netherlands you can download this app which you can scan over the barcode with your smartphone camera. It tells you if the product is microbead free (green), the company has promised to phase out microbeads in their products (amber) or the product does contain microbeads (red). New countries are being added to so it is possible that your country will be included soon!

Finally, if you do own products that contain microbeads and do not want to immediately discard them do not despair! When you wash your face use a bucket instead of the sink and strain the waste through a cloth, then simply throw the plastic beads in the bin. However, this is not ideal as the toxins that are in the plastic beads still do come into contact with your skin.

Have a great day!

Sarah – Stop the Beads