Down the Sink and into the Oceans

Such a great alternative to microbeads!! Check it out!

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It recently came to light to me , that not only are the ingredients used in most brands of cosmetics are harmful to the environment in a multitude of ways, but a huge number of people don’t actually have a clue about it! The other day I saw a great post attempting to shed light on the fact that the tiny plastic micro beads you find in cosmetics have almost entirely polluted our water, and consequently, our sea life too. You’ll notice the micro bead fad popping up in things like exfoliating scrubs, toothpastes and various other cleaning products; and I felt rather ignorant for having no idea how detrimental they were! These beads are made of tiny pieces of plastic, and mostly too small to be sieved out by filtration systems, these beads are infecting our lakes and oceans with waves of polluting plastic. In turn, they are being consumed by…

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